Norfolk and Suffolk

Currently a Centering Prayer group is meeting weekly in blocks of 8 sessions at the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre, Norwich. There are also regular half-day workshops. To find out about the next block or workshop contact Liz Day. There is more information at the NCMC website.

Glaven Contemplative Prayer Group meet in North Norfolk at 5.45pm on Tuesday evenings at the Blakeney Methodist Chapel, High St, Blakeney. The late Paul Veitch, who founded the group, wrote to us:

We are a group of people who meet together every week to share our contemplative practice of prayer. We are drawn to silent prayer without words. By meeting regularly we foster a communal life together and encourage each other in our daily practice. The group has always been open to anyone and although the practice is rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition, you do not have to be a Christian or churchgoer to attend.

We are together for about 40 minutes and spend 25 minutes in Centering Prayer. We then maybe have a reading. There is no hierarchy as we are all beginners and remain so but hopefully we start to find that interior silence which carries on into our daily life.

It is Christian prayer but you do not have to be a Christian or have any religious connection to join the group or practice centering prayer. We welcome anyone. If this sounds like something that interests you, come along and there is no charge!

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