...to the website of Contemplative Outreach in the East and Southeast of England. We are a loose network of communities and individuals covering Greater London, the South East and East Anglia. Our purpose is to serve all those who feel drawn to a deeper relationship with God, the Ultimate Reality, through silent prayer in the context of everyday life. We do this by supporting the practice of Centering Prayer and associated spiritual disciplines as taught by Father Thomas Keating OCSO and those writers and teachers who have followed his lead. We offer teaching programmes that present the method of Centering Prayer together with its conceptual background, Lectio Divina and the Welcome Practice. We support Centering Prayer groups across the region and meet their needs with resources, Quiet Days and retreats to foster the growth of a contemplative community. We are affiliated to the worldwide organisation Contemplative Outreach but have no ties to any particular Christian denomination; we welcome all who wish to share our common search for God.

If you find we are not represented in your area do get in touch anyway by emailing our general contact address: we have a number of people able to teach Centering Prayer, and will be happy to help in any way we can. We also have many contacts outside our specific region.